If you are looking for a place to go on vacation, Denver is the place for you. With it being a mile above sea level, it provides the best weather conditions year-round for tourists. It is filled with must-see cultural and vibrant collections that are simply breathtaking and honestly mind-opening for those feeling in a reflective mood. The outdoors folk can ski, hike, bike or do a number of fun activities of their choosing. Another interesting fact about Denver is that it is home to Molly Brown, the famed Titanic survivor – it wasn’t just a movie. Be sure to check out the following tourist sites:

Denver Zoo

Going to a zoo while on vacation is almost a right of passage. The Denver zoo receives approximately 1.6 million guests per year and you can believe they have the facilities and resources to sustain the visitors as well as the 4,000 + different animals residing there. With 650 different species, the zoo has adapted enclosures for them that also provides an up-close encounter with the animals. Exhibits like Primate Panorama will bring you eye-to-eye with a gorilla, Predator Ridge hosts a pride of lions that will recreate the wild plains of Africa and Tropical Discovery features a rain forest habitat for the Gila creatures and crocodiles.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Ranked among the top five conservatories in the U.S. Denver Botanic Gardens is a 23-acre oasis that features 45 unique gardens that are simply gorgeous. The Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory is the biggest tropical conservatory in the country with exotic species, forest orchids, and banyan tree roots. You can take an outing and relax at Japanese Garden with pool and lily pads or Marnie’s Pavilion with waterfalls, orchids, and ferns. This is a great place to have a picnic while enjoying the natural landscape.

Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium is the best tourist destination for families. It sustains more than 500 aquatic species with over a million gallons of water constantly flowing in and out of the small habitat. It has been designed marvelously to excite the young and old alike with a Dive Lounge, an interactive Reef tank, Nautilus Ballroom and an Aquarium Restaurant situated around a floor–to–ceiling aquarium providing an opportunity to eat with the fishes. There is also a chance to experience 4D theater and live Mystic Mermaid shows.

Once in Denver, you won’t know where to start with must-see tourist destinations in plenty. The best approach to your trip here is hiring a tour guide who knows the ins and outs of this magnificent city. This way, you will take full advantage and enjoy vast attractions the city has to offer.